One last hoorah

We started off the week with a huge team building dinner on Monday night. The interns, management team, SEED students, and members of the community all came together for dinner and entertainment. A few students preformed for everyone and the night ended with a huge dance party! Although our time on the farm is coming to a close, there are still so many people we haven’t met or interacted with yet and this was a an awesome way to spend the evening with the entire workforce on the farm!


Jill and I continued helping Jake plant and water seeds for his Need for Seed project. The seeds we planted last week sprouted, we were so excited! We are so happy that these seeds worked out and the seedlings can be distributed out to communities in need, such as the Aeta tribe that we visited in Zambales.


We have also been helping the Japanese students practice their English. We held a conversational workshop with them to teach them basic English phrases and more about American pop culture and how that fits into American English. Its crazy to think we are the only native English speakers on the entire farm and everyone is wanting to learn from us but we are glad to help in any way we can! It was difficult at first to teach english since we weren’t very prepared with any lessons but once we got into the flow of conversation we were able to assist them with pronunciation and continuing a conversation. It was also another great way to get to know the Japanese better since they have been isolated from the rest of the farm in their work.


On Thursday night we had the despedida for Tibault, a French intern, and Ammy, a Filipino intern and our fifth roommate. Ammy has grown very close to our group on the farm and has even been group in with the ‘Americans’ many times. Ammy is from Mindanao and has to go back to start school next week. I wish she could stay longer with us but we will be leaving soon too :(. We sang Karaoke together and made the most out of our last night together!


We spent our last weekend in Baler, and it was a great end to our summer! We went through MAD travel again and were able to reconnect with the MAD and Circle hostel people we had met in Zambales! We hiked up the Diteki River as far as we could go and went swimming off a wooden diving board. It was raining most of the time but we were already wet from the river so it made it all the more fun! We spent time at the Circle Hostel in Baler, which is new than the one in Zambales, and played games and made friends with a few British guys as well. Sunday morning we went to the beach and a few of us went surfing! It was so much fun and I’m glad we got to see some of our friends from MAD and Circle one last time before we left!


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