Ecobricks and Island Hopping

This week we continued our work with our Ecobricks project. Ecobricks are created by stuffing plastic bottles with plastic non biodegradable garbage to eliminate waste in the community and to be used as building blocks for community areas or other projects. We were able to research and create a presentation for the management team along with a rough layout of how we would like to address the community members. Towards the end of the week we walked around and spoke with community members, specifically Titos and Titas who own the saris (stores) to see if they would be willing to help us. We met with Raf again to go over our progress and discuss further options and suggestions. Raf mentioned the possibility of using Ecobricks to create benches for the community basketball court. We are really excited about this idea and hope the management team will be on board with our project! We will be meeting with them later on in the week.


On Tuesday we celebrated the Fourth of July as best we could! We spent the afternoon by the pool followed by burgers at Hamlet for dinner. Then we headed to the Sari Sari for a few beers to end off the celebration! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find sparklers for the night but it was still a great Filipino/American holiday celebration!


Jill and I also helped celebrate on of our Tita’s sons 6th birthday this week! We stopped by for dinner and brought him ice cream which he asked for every time we brought up his birthday the week before! We were glad to be included in the celebration, we definitely feel like family in the community.

We spent the weekend on Cagbalete Island enjoying the sun and island life! We went through Mia, one of the supervisors on the farm, company: Camp Isla. Her company takes tourists and locals around to different islands in the Philippines to camp and experience the island. We were able to meet and connect with many more and diverse native Filipinos that we have not had the chance to in the farm and see another part of the Philippines. The food was AMAZING and sleeping outside among the island sounds was such a cool experience. Every meal was served as a boodle fight, where all the food is laid out across the table and everyone eats with their hands. I left with a full tummy, burnt skin and many mosquito bites but it was a weekend I’d love to do all over again!


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