This week we started and finished a composting area in the farm with Emma, a French intern! We spent two hours every morning working on clearing the field, building the piles and scooping poop. We were so efficient and I’m surprised and how quickly and easily we were able to work through the field and build the piles. We are working to get money from the farm for bamboo to build around our piles as well. Hopefully once the compost turns into soil, the fermentation team will be able to use it for their plants and purposes. It feels good to finally start and finish a meaningful project on the farm!


In the afternoons we continued researching for our additional projects and have been contacting French interns and farm staff about resources for projects, specifically the Azolla ponds that we have to work on. A lot of our time is spent waiting for responses and answers so we can continue on with our projects, but slowly we are making progress.

Dr. Amoloza and her family came to visit on Wednesday. We met with her over lunch and Jill, Kasie and I toured her family through the farm. Her two granddaughters loved the animal farm, it was so fun! Before she left, Dr. Amoloza had a meeting with Jill, Jake, Laurence and I and Raf, the founder of MAD travel. Raf gave us ideas for projects that can help tie into his social enterprise MAD travel. We will be working on building eco bricks and encouraging trash pick up in the community to build the bricks and Jake is planning on collecting seeds from the kitchen and community to give to areas in need. BFCR3395.jpg

On Friday we visited our fifth GK community in Metro Manila. This community is the newest one that we’ve visited and helped us get a glimpse into the way these people lived before GK came in and helped build them homes. One of the community leaders there just got accepted into the SEED school on the farm so he will be arriving in July! Its amazing to see the impact GK is having on so many lives in the Philippines, and I’m glad to play a part in their success.

Before and After in the GK community

On Saturday there was an auction on the farm to raise money for a community member’s brain surgery to remove a tumor. We all went and bid on items, I won a farmer’s hat which will be perfect when rice planting rolls around, and a MAD travel tshirt! It was great to see all the interns being able to pool their resources and raise money for the community!



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