Research and relaxation

This week was spent researching for our final projects and brainstorming ideas for what to do on the farm. It is a lot harder to find work on the farm when we are given little direction and everyone already has their specific sites and doesn’t need additional help. But, we are looking forward to helping with rice planting in July. Additionally, it’s been hard to think of projects that can be completed in our short stay that will not only have a lasting impact on the farm but will also be continued on once we are gone. Along with Emma, a French intern, we are planning on reconstructing and completing a composting area by the vegetable crops. This should take us about a week, spending a few hours every morning clearing the area and prepping for compost. Luckily, my internship spring semester provided me with information and knowledge on how to compost and tips on creating a successful composting pile. We are looking forward to creating and completing something meaningful and useful.

Additionally, we have noticed that Filipinos in general do not have any regard for waste disposal and the sidewalks, communities and farm is littered with trash. We are planning to attend a few schools that students from the community go to in order to give lessons on the environment and why it is important to throw away your garbage. In addition to school lessons, we are planning to create signage around the farm and install more garbage cans to encourage the community and farm members to properly dispose of their garbage. Hopefully this project and our effort will outlast our stay here and continue to encourage a clean and eco friendly farm village.

On Friday we had the ability to visit five other GK communities in the area! It was awesome to see how much GK has affected the lives of so many Filipinos and to learn about the progress of each individual community. They are all unique in their own way and have different sources of incomes and livelihoods. I am looking forward to learning so much more from each community we visit.



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